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SIESTA SUNDAY is a live mix series that explores soundscapes of music that are more laid back. Offering a moment of contemplation and providing a time for relaxation in this ever-busy world.


As much as I enjoy RAVE TILL I DIE AND CYBERPUNK UTOPIA and the musical journey I am able to share with you through them. I do enjoy, like many some more laid-back tunes, some time to relax and let things just be. To ponder and take time to enjoy what we have.

But I've always had difficulty finding the right mix of music. Sure there are many mixes to chill out too, but not many to experience. Like a great album, that takes you to a place to just disappear. I wanted to create a 10-part series to share my own vision of chill-out music. 

Why only 10? I think it's enough. Not much has changed in these genres of music and there ain't much room to further develop mixing-wise compared to the other 2 series. That's my honest opinion. Lo-Fi music all sounds the same and let's not start on hip-hop. And there is only so much you can do before it all just turns to a playlist,

I've done my best to curate a limited series for you that expresses pieces of music that I feel showcase something different in this soundscape of genres. They either offer a deeper emotional quality or are pieces of music I feel the creators have truly captured something different. It's also a statement piece to show that there is space for creators in these elements of music to push the boundaries. It's only a matter of willingness to not create the same, bland product over and over again. 

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