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Cyberpunk Utopia is a live mix series that explores cultural musical genres associated with cyberpunk, 80's aesthetic, and darker clubbing experiences.


Coming from a rock and metal background, I've always had a love affair with heavier genres of music. But this side of music isn't for everyone and some of the music just doesn't fit for Rave Till I Die. It has its own space and aesthetic.

Cyberpunk Utopia is a series that focuses on this. Creating a utopia for listeners with a darker side (and for all you gamers). Celebrating genres of dark clubbing, dark techno, and dark electro. However many of these genres take inspiration from imagery of the future. And in music history, the sound of the future has never been more present than in the 80s.

The aesthetic of the 80s - the Countach, Walkmen, and hoverboards (I'm still waiting for Elon Musk to make one). A time when we glimpsed into the future.  A time we heard music that we'd never ever heard before. No other decade of music was as influential as the 80s. And this is the perfect combination for our cyberpunk adventures.

Yes, there are elements that are aggressive and much darker, but with the right approach, you can blend softer genres of synth-wave, chill wave, and 80s nostalgia to create a unique musical journey - one I hope will make you appreciate even more the level of skill and talent required to create music of this nature.

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