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The Full Story

In Search of Unnatu-RUL Happiness

Imagine making a movie - The time writing the script, planning, pre-production, filming and post-production. And that's before marketing and promotion. Big companies can sell the packaged product for $20 a piece and that's after a theatrical run.

Now imagine the same for music. But now imagine starting from square one and doing everything on your own. That's right. Self-educating yourself and attending formal school to learn and understand recording, production, and arrangement. The years and years of dedication and sacrifice before even approaching the writing and planning. 

In a world where albums have shorter and shorter life cycles. Forget about next year, they won't make it past the summer. This is the state of music. With so much music being made, released, and marketed, it's hard to stand out among all the noise. 

So where do we start?

My Magnum Opus



Creating music that comes from the heart - not writing from a pre-planned script but where the muse takes you.


Honest and genuine music like they did in the past.

Presenting that live, not just pre-recorded and hands in the air. But dedicated time to musicianship, instrumentation and performance.

A #2.jpg


Create an album that will stand the test of time. Something that will be regarded as one of the greatest electronic albums ever made. 

Easy right?

A #2.jpg

Lets Try this, with that - That with this, this with that


I wanted to blend trance and psytrance with more rock elements. And I had an idea. We talk about pressure in music but what if we represented that musically? How would that sound? 

I knew it needed 3 things - Tension, Release, consistency. This to me makes up what I feel under Pressure. It's the constant tension and release motion creating the pressure. So when the drop hits, it's very quick - piercing through. But then it releases. 

What makes this special is the production. Going from a mono (Central) to a wide stereo picture. So the release moves in and the tension expands wide into the stereo field. But it's not that simple. Pressure can we interpreted in many ways and this is where the cymbals and drum n bass elements come in. 

Forming the backbone of the piece is psytrance. This helps it push through and you hell the pumping. But when you incorporate elements of drum n, bass the piece takes a new form. Things are flying left right and centre - but now lets add my signature GTR leads. 

Engineered to sound like piercing heavy machinery - the GTRs are screaming at you. But then all of a sudden it's all over. And a Cathy sparkling lead takes its place. It's the release. I want to feel like I'm floating. that I'm weightless - a lot light-headed. As things take a new turn. 

Trance is a symbol of euphoria. Originally meant to be a GTR solo section, but with such heavy GTR I wanted something more vulnerable. A friend of mine plays the basson and we decided to give it a go. A beautiful breath instrument and something we should experiment more. With low tones of brass but the sweet sutility of a violin - it worked perfectly. 

From that moment, I wanted to take things in a different direction,. Listening to your heart, the muse. That's what helped me create the unique breakdown drop. There are no genres or frames to put music that you create from your heart. It's a moment of joy when you feel a sense of happiness. Blending the old with the new, a trance love note.

Letting the tides to swing, the effects 


What better way to present a brand-new album than playing it live in a beautiful location.  Filmed at the iconic "Point Addis" lookout point, this groundbreaking set mixes in a wide array of popular songs while seamlessly showcasing several brand-new genres of music. Lifting electronic music to new highs and cutting out a lot of the monotony of what the EDM world has become. While giving homage to the past of what made electronic music for me so emotional and free.

From the beautiful opening violin of "Immersion", a moment of silence and peace - a state of mediation and focus. Straight into "Pressure and Concussion" delivering a new punch to trance and electro lovers. Then the pounding beats of i_o and techno, before I present a blend of "Gates of Nirvana"  and "Dreaming" -delivering disco nostalgia while incorporating a more soulful and atmospheric approach - all the while I create new textures and tones on the fly for you.

We then pay our respects to "Avicii", before we take a heavier turn. Incorporating popular songs while paying homage to Melbourne bounce - can't have a set in Australia without it. That would be truly criminal. Then we pump it up with progressive house, which made we fall in love with electronic music. 

Then I share with you "Immersion" my single opus. Incorporating live effects and tones to create a unique moment only for this set. Going from a beautiful string arrangement to the thumping sounds of tension and stress. And what better way to present this than through time.

This is the perfect place to create something that reflects my past. A thundering GTR solo. Played live in the cold wind of the night. And to pay my respects "Jimi Hendrix". Other than an instrumental backing track, what you're hearing is me. This is it - no funny business. That's the way it should be. One fluid shot, one take.

Did I mention "Rammstein"? Where else are you gonna get Rammestein in a DJ Set? That glorious chorus of "Ich Tu Dir Weh" just pierces through - it's incredible. And a great moment to change things up. Dropping down sug-genres of dubstep and the electro-jazz-inspired track "Concussion" then mixed in with a Dub, Reggae blends straight into "Fear of Consciousness" a rock-opera scale psytrance-inspired ballet. If at this moment you aren't out of your seat, then this is my trump card (Not that guy), the other one. ​As we rise and rise to the point of implosion, my signature GTR leads coupled with the fast low bass pulse create a track that stands on its own, And then without warning we gently whistle away into the night.

So there you go. Now if that's not enough for you to buy the album - don't worry that's what Chapter 1's for.


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