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Brand New Website

Updated: Sep 27

Welcome to a new hub for everthing I am creating for you. Here you'll find all my projects in one place. From Singles, EPs and albums - to Live Mixes, podcast and blog you'll find it all here. You'll be able to purchase directly high audio quaility files - no digital streaming compression. Experencing the a version of my songs in full dynamic range - your car speakers will love!

You can now subscribe to my mail list to recieve free music, tickets and merch. All new subs will receive new music straight away - a gift from me to you.

All my music is free to download and will always be free for you to enjoy. It's up to you how much you feel my music is of value to you. Any contribution will also gone with joy. It all goes back into music to create and help me expand my team. It's all up too you.

Over the next few weeks I'll be adding more and more content, and lauching brand new experiences for you all to enjoy and be apart of. For now, please ecperience what I have created for you and I look forward to getting to know you all.


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