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Challenging The Status Quo of Dance Music

Updated: Oct 1

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Point Addis - The Importance of | Chapter 1 - An Introspection

Welcome! In this week's episode, we talk about "Point Addis" and the set I created for my debut album "In Search of Unnatu-RUL Happiness". My mindset towards the set and what was my intention for the performance.

It's important to create music with the intention of it being listened to generations from now. Producing music, or the so-called "Music Producer" has never been of interest to me. This generalised term of classifying music as a production may be okay for some and some do take great pride in calling themselves by this title. However, "music producer" always sounded like I was assembling music. We are going to produce a Big Room Dance track, this is where the drop is, the build, 32 bars in, etc. From this perspective then yes, congrats you're a "music producer".

But to create music, the act of music creation. To say I'm a "music creator" this is what I want to represent. I create music. Starting from a canvas you first draw, sketch your idea down. Then you build from there. Yes perhaps having a starting point is good, wanting to create a piece with the energy of Big Room Dance, is a great approach for example. But don't limit yourself, if the muse takes you in a different direction, go with it.

This was my mindset creating "In Search of Unnatu-RUL Happiness" - and what came from that process I couldn't have imagined. Now it's one thing to create brand-new music but it's a completely different thing incorporating that into a set. Playing the album is not a mix, that's just a playlist. The biggest challenge was how to incorporate this with other dance tunes and show that you can push the boundaries out to the point, where there are no boundaries to begin with. By honoring what came before, past, and present - you can stand off the shoulders and jump. On your journey, say "This is the direction I want to go in". It's possible. The mix is proof of this.

Create more atmospheric music. You can create more rock-inspired music. Jazz inspired. Not only fusion but brand new "genres", textures, and moods of music never heard before. You can showcase your own unique expression and then still bring it back to something that's more relatable, more "radio friendly". And then swing it back and forth. Going places your listener never expected. This to me is how you entertain your audience musically, not just verbally, and through giant LEDs. Thou I do feel there is a place for that too. But it's all about taste and balance.

To change the monotony of what the dance sphere has become is a big undertaking - and one I hope through my journey I am able to inspire others to not be afraid to challenge. Creating music from your heart and not worrying about how this will work etc. That is key. By challenging the status quo, and pushing your abilities as an artist you will be surprised by the mixes you are able to create. It's about letting go of the "Sync" functionality and freely experimenting with your artistry.

Much Love.



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