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SLIPKNOT - Before I Forget (LIVE 1 Take)

SLIPKNOT - Before I Forget (LIVE 1 Take) / Vocal Cover, No Autotune

Chapter 1 - The Story Behind "Before I Forget"

Available here: (Youtube)

Support Chapter 1(An Independent Film) -

Recorded live on location in promotion for a very ambitious musical project (Chapter 1) coming soon. It's very challenging working under a budget for such an ambitious project. You get one take, if you're lucky a second, and you gotta move on. The footage is one fluid shot, with no autotune. Incorporating live ambiance audio recorded on the day and several post-production harmony vocal layers. What I hope to share with this first video is my growth over the past 2 years as an artist and the direction I'm going in. It's a good stepping stone for more to come and I'm proud of what the team and I have created for you.

If you enjoyed the video and are interested in our project coming soon, please subscribe and join us on your social platform of choice. Thanks for taking the time to watch and support the art.

Much love.

Video Credits:

Recording Engineer - Marko Mitrovic

Mixing Engineer - Marko Mitrovic & Anthony Norris

Mastering Engineer - Marko Mitrovic & Anthony Norris

Directed by: Marko Mitrovic & Ash Sran

Film Production Company - Prism Cinema


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