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Rave Till I Die is a live mix series that explores a wide variety of commercial, underground, and alternative genres associated with rave culture. 


My vision for this series is a collection of episodes that create a soundscape of Rave Culture. Introducing listeners young and mature to not only a wide variety of musical genres but sharing what made rave culture so pure - and this was FREEDOM. 

This is what Rave Till I Die represents for me - Freedom. In each episode, you'll experience a musical journey while I blend, remix, and mash-up songs live on the go. Creating a unique moment that will only happen once. 

From a DJ perspective, I'll be experimenting. Some will be more classic approaches, showing respect to the past (Scratching, manual beat matching, fader controls), while in other moments a more modern approach (cutting, editing, adding effects).


 In an endless "Summer of Love".




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