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Rave Till I Die is a live mix series that explores a widevariety of commercial, underground, and alternative genres associated with rave culture. Great care is taken to deliver a soundscape of the highest quality.


My vision for this series is a collection of episodes and series that create a soundscape of Rave Culture. Introducing listeners young and mature to not only a wide variety of musical genres but sharing what made rave culture so pure - and this was/is it's freedom. 

This is what Rave Till I Die represents for me - Freedom. In each episode, you'll experience a musical journey while I blend, remix, and mash-up songs live on the go. Creating a unique moment that will only happen once. 

From a DJ perspective, I'll be experimenting. Some will be more classic approaches, showing respect to the past (Scratching, manual beat matching, fader controls), while in other moments a more modern approach (cutting, editing, adding effects).

Finally, from an audio perspective. Audio quality has been and will always be of high importance to me. Every mix is meticulously checked, post-edited, and mastered to deliver to you the best possible quality I can represent. And create for you as a listener the best possible experience.

RAVE TILL I DIE will always be a free series to enjoy - if you'd like to contribute some love toward the show, you can below.  In an endless "Summer of Love".



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