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Episode 1


Welcome to Siesta Sunday - In this Limited 10 Part series we'll be exploring elements of music that are more laid back and bring through a time for contemplation. In such a busy world that we have created around us, it's important to step back and think.

What I've curated for you is just that - a compilation of episodes you will be able to enjoy any moment you feel overwhelmed or just need a rest. There are many mixes out there, including study mixes and about a million lo-fi beat channels. What makes these series different is the overall scope and blends of genres. You won't know what to expect and that's what a great mix should be. It should take you on a journey and bring to many different emotions. From calmness to excitement, to comtemplation. Sometimes I'll keep you on your toes, and cut a song short or extend another part out. Other times, use effects and dynamics to provide smooth transitions and then mash it with something else.

Now that's only the mixing side of things - THE UNERRDOG BLOG

  1. Cospe - A4 Tear

  2. Killgrew - Windwalker

  3. Aiyo - Sun Goes Down

  4. Asketa & Natan Chaim - Underneath My Skin feat: Jessame

  5. Rospigg - 2

  6. Andre Aguado - As We Dance

  7. Sionya - Get You Off 

  8. Lofive - Drive Slow

  9. Cospe - Follow Me Wild Horse

  10. Deanz - Losing You

  11. Ooyy - Melancholy

  12. Sum Wave - Only Me and You

  13. Issue AB - Eight Hours

  14. Issue AB - Subnautic 

  15. Departure - Ghostrifter

  16. Ooyy - Changli

  17. Lofive - Oh God I miss You

  18. Issue Ab - Let Down

  19. Voodulce - Lustrous

  20. Lofive - Hello It’s Me Again

  21. Jones Meadow - Arianda

  22. Baron Grand - Remote Presence

  23. Guustavv - Frogs

  24. Norman Sann - Depravity

  25. Damma Beatz - BMX 

  26. Dylan Sitts - Steak Frites

Episode 1
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