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Valarijex is an Australian EDM artist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Performing a wide variety of electronic genres with a unique approach to blending them seamlessly all into one DJ mix. 


“My approach to my sets are from the perspective of an instrumentalist, rather than a DJ. DJ has become almost a dirty word now, it feels limiting. I play live sets for the freedom to experiment. Much like a Jazz musician craves the space to improvise, I crave the moment where I can add layers and textures to surprise and reinvent what someone might be expecting when listening to a live mix.” 


Valarijex’s family immigrated to New Zealand when he was 18 months and then they relocated again to Australia when he was 10. At the age of 8, Valarijex picked up his first guitar and felt for the first time a moment of relief and joy. Growing up in a foreign country was a struggle, Valarijex found the rigor of the schooling system stifling and very much felt that academia did not come naturally. Originally aiming to study and become a doctor, Valarijex made a drastic life shift and instead focused on music as a career. 

“Music, it didn’t have an opinion about me, never tried to judge me or make me feel out of place. I could share my thoughts and emotions without oppression.”

Since deciding to pursue music, Valarijex dove into studying at universities including RMIT, Monash, Melbourne Polytechnic and Swinburne. Eager to soak up all of the industry knowledge available. At RMIT Valarijex found his mentor ”Anthony ‘Tok’ Norris”; one of Australia’s finest musicians and engineers and the legend behind the electronic duo “Madison Avenue”. 

Since graduating in 2018, Valarijex has been hard at work on a body of work that speaks to his upbringing and life experience. In the meantime, he has created 3 live mixes series: Rave Till I Die, Cyberpunk Utopia, and Siesta Sunday. Showcasing his reach and versatility as an artist. And presenting his unique approach to mixing and blending of genres. 


One of the unique things about Valarijex is that he doesn’t fall into the stereotypical look and feel that one imagines most EDM artists to be. Instead of rocking the latest trendy fit, Valarijex wears suits and more formal attire, bringing in the respect he believes the genre deserves. Imagine you are performing at a classical concert, you would generally dress appropriately as would the audience. This is the energy Valarijex brings to every set, rejecting the usual norms one would expect. 

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