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COA - Where have you been?

I'm pleased to share with you my brand new podcast 'Confessions Of An Artist'. Offering you an intriguing journey into the depths of my music. Candidly sharing with you my personal experiences, insights, and philosophy behind the process. I hope that my authenticity and honesty will resonate with you, enriching your understanding of me as an artist and my artistic journey.

My podcast will serve as a valuable platform for discussing both the trials and triumphs of modern artistry. As you follow my journey, may you unearth your path and master the courage to navigate uncharted territory, daring to challenge the norms of the current music scene. If I can break free from these 'rules', so can you.

In the inaugural episode, I talk about presenting work that shows respect to your audience. It's important to share work when you feel it's everything you have to give, not when it's perfect. We will get better and progress over time, as long as we put the work in. But when you have the knowing you are performing at your absolute best, then you are ready to confidently share your work.

This is an important distinction to make as an artist. With so much music being released each day and money being thrown left, right, and center. It's not a question of just releasing. In modern times, the technical aspects of modern music seem to outweigh the musicianship, the performance being recorded. With the rise of AI, we have to be careful we are creating honest music.

What I'm getting at is that I'm so passionate about the music I create, that it's important to me to have creative freedom to express the performances I want to share. I needed to step back to develop musically the skills I felt needed improvement. To allow me to perform, record, and engineer my purest artistic expression.

Check out the inaugural episode below

Much Love,


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