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Midnight Disco

For those midnight disco vibes - here I've added a bit of a modern twist to things. Incorporating funk and disco with underground techno vibes. This to me is a representation of the cultural change in how underground dance music has evolved. Disco and funk were the predominant plethora of music listened to in dance clubs and the communities associated.

Now the predominant scene for the underground movement is subgenres of techno and in some regards darker tones depending on which country you speak of. The general openness of our sexuality overall has also changed since disco/funk, that being evident in the mainstream festivals scene and of course in the more recent interest in the overall cyberpunk and 80s aesthetic.

But I would say that overall there hasn't been a time in history when so many different styles of music have been embraced - and in particular many forms of underground music. Which depending on who you mention or speak to, isn't so underground anymore due to the vast number of people enjoying the music. Things seem to be slowly blending and evening out. Communities keep growing and are becoming more passionate about the music they listen to and experience.

Mixing Perspective

For this part of the mix, I'm incorporating more classic techniques which help create a better listening experience. Simple moments of removing the low end, vinyl beat matching, slight scratching, and adjusting the speed to affect the pitch and tone.

While some of my approaches are unorthodox. Hard cuts in the mix for example, which I've talked about in some of my previous posts. Some of the keys here are to adjust your style and the approach you take with the music. Simple, but not something I think is used enough. Techno allows more flexibility for mixing, as the music is more minimal. While funk/disco contains a lot more musical information, which makes things sometimes more challenging to mix creatively. Something to think about when we listen to old-school music mixes of the day.

My hats off.


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