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Pressure vs. PRESSURE

So Val, what the hell is up with two versions of Pressure? Well, that's an exciting story. When I created the original 'Pressure' in 2019, I wasn't the engineer I am today. After working with my mentor to finalise the master mix of the original 'Pressure' piece, I still felt it needed something extra. My mentor suggested I find an engineer in the dance space to help. To offer a different perspective.

I found through the process that many aspects of EDM that I didn't like were coming through in the new mix being created. The parts I had already mixed were being taken in a direction I didn't like. The experience taught me that every creative has their own style. Their own vision behind the piece of music. That's not to say it's wrong; it's just not what I wanted to create. It wasn't the direction I wanted to go in. It's a tough spot to be in as a young engineer. You still don't have the ear training and experience to pick up every detail, yet you feel something is off.

So this is why I named this version PRESSURE (Valarijex Version). It's what I originally wanted to share with you back in 2019, rather than emailing back and forth internationally to mix the piece. I could now take notes, learn and comment when I didn't like something because I was working with people in my area, like mind people who have a passion for music. We were able to chat about music. About what we were creating. By spending that time together and having a coffee, we both developed a much deeper understanding of how I want things to progress—creating a mix I am proud to share with you. Something I can share with confidence, knowing that every stone was turned over to make the best possible piece.

This is why I decided to keep the original 'Pressure' piece. Every time I see it, it reminds me to have self-confidence and not second-guess what I've created.

Much Love,


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