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RAVE TILL I DIE - Episode 2

This time when old-school trance was king!

We start things off with some rock-inspired dance tunes, with elements of sub-genres of dubstep. Incorporating more modern dance tunes from Armin Van Burren and more, before we drive things up with some progressive house vibes. Exploring melodic house and some great melodic tunes overall.

About halfway through we explore some more laidback chill vibes and good feel summer tunes. Before we take a dive into some jungle, techno, and ambient house to get you in the groove. And then, well we take a turn to our friend Trance. But not just any trance, old-school trance. Bringing out some of my favorite trance tunes and an Orjan Nilsen classic.

Then we take it up a notch mashing progressive house, old-school Tiesto, and big-room trance together to bring this episode to a great crescendo. And then explore a few jungle-inspired psytrance tunes for a close.

I'm pretty chilled in regards to mixing on this episode. Overall a more classic approach was taken. Longer form transients into songs and builds. These are some of the greatest dance tunes created and I'm honoring them by mixing in a style they were created for. Additionally, I wanted to maintain the pulse, the groove - it's all about the emotion and ecstasy. A great way to maintain that and build it is by smooth blends from one song to the next. By picking the right moments and challenging yourself to blend songs that at first glance might not seem like they will work.

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