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RAVE TILL I DIE - Episode 4 (Special After Party Mix)

Updated: May 21

Welcome! This mix will surely get the party ravers out of their seats. Bringing the club mix to your house party, let's keep the celebration pumping! In Australia today it's the Grand Final celebrations, of AFL (Australia Football League) so let's have some fun and celebrate!

No Melbourne afterparty mix can go without some classic "Melbourne Bounce" tunes. So I've added in a couple of my favorite classic tunes that will rock that after-party. Crank up those speakers and rave the night away. Congrats to Collingwood!

We start things off BIG ROOM style, incorporating and mashing several flavors together - with some euro vibe esthetics. Then incorporate some rock fusion before we dive into modern classic house vibes. Then we take a journey through some deep techno tunes. Let things settle a bit. Take a break, relax, and enjoy the space. It'll get wild in a bit. From there we bring out the classics - Melbourne bounce at its finest, with a "Joel Fletcher" rework that'll bring you the deadmau5 vibes and then pump you up Melbourne style.

From there, a few nostalgia classics - Bass Hunter, Delerium "Silence" - to bring the euphoria to a high. Then we up pump the bass, with "Tremor" and an "Every Time We Touch" Hardwell Remix. Incorporate my single "Concussion" and then bring the party home with some psytrance and hardstyle.


Let's talk about "hard cuts" - the quick switch to another song from a build or perhaps a continuation for some more advanced spinners. This technique first off requires you to pick the right tunes - otherwise, it's not really gonna work. Songs in similar bpm's and genres can sometimes work - but I'd say do it by the feel and vibe of the tunes. It's music after all, not mathematics.

Timing and confidence are the main 2 for this technique. Doing it at the right moment with confidence. If you hesitate it won't really work. It's a very aggressive technique and does take quite a bit of time to get just right. But what I like about it most is the ability to focus on your audience. They may get used to the song you're playing and building from. Or they might get the vibe and start getting bored. So by incorporating this technique, you immediately gain your audience's focus back and take them in a direction they weren't expecting. And you can really take this approach a long way.

One of the trickiest techniques I find can be doing it as a continuation. What I mean by that is seamlessly switching to another song on the beat. No build, breakdown, or drop. If you'd really like to challenge yourself, give this a go. But I'd really only recommend it for more experienced spinners.

What makes this a challenging technique? You can very easily lose the groove. You can deflate your mix by switching aggressively to the next song. That's why going by "feel and vibe" is key. And letting the song do most of the heavy lifting for you, You'll feel it yourself if you give it a go. Some songs will work, others won't.

Listen out for these techniques in the mix and try them out for yourselves.

Much Love,


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